We help companies build products & brands by applying innovative marketing strategy to your business problems. In today’s market, companies often find themselves stuck. Bulldogmi is a consultancy that was created to talk straight to you as an outside resource to get your business out of the dog house. We work with businesses both big & small to develop creative approaches that focus on your consumer needs and integrate innovative marketing tools and technologies.

Channeling the spirit of (french) bulldogs:

*We may be small but our ideas stand out in a crowd.
*Our bat-like ears allow us to carefully listen to your business concerns
*We like to play with others and collaborate on projects
*Our overall point of view is one of unique creativity. Just look at a bulldog!

We don’t think sex sells. We think bulldogs sell.


Founder & Leaddog - Dave Watson

Dave Watson has 20+ years international marketing experience in both multi-nationals and start-ups and helped companies like Vodafone, Nintendo and Sprint Communications launch forward-thinking marketing platforms and services.

Prior to founding bulldogmi, Watson was the Head of Casual Games & Handheld for Midway Games, a maker of interactive entertainment. Prior to Midway Games, he helped launched the leading casual game YOU DON'T KNOW JACK & lead the account team for AGENCY.COM in Vail, CO.

He moved to Prague to create and launch the first branded entertainment property in the Czech Republic for Oskar Mobil. He created bulldogmi to collaborate with like minded individuals, brands and companies focused on innovative forms of marketing.

In his spare time he has been trying to improve his downward-facing dog and keep up with the Premier League (which, ironically, is easier to watch on TV in Prague than in the UK!). In addition, he currently lectures on  the topics of marketing and corporate strategy in both Prague and Bucharest.

Dave has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA from University of California, Berkeley.