Bob the Builder & Obama agree...Can we fix it?

Since I've been connecting my most recent blog entries to Barack Obama, I figure there is no reason to stop now. Yesterday, I explained to a colleague how Barack Obama found his calling card "Yes We Can!" from kids brand Bob-the-Builder. She did not believe, so I went on YouTube and found the video linked to this post. Over the 3 minute video you find out Question: "Can we build it?"; Answer "Yes We Can." Most innovation thought leaders explain how important it is for us to discover on 'inner child' to inspire & cultivate creativity. Somewhere between Bob-the-Builder and Adulthood , we go from "Yes We Can" to "I don't think so" in our approach to new ideas. I find it interesting that Obama found his inspiring words from going back and thinking like a kid (or possibly just watching one of his kids program). A great example of how thinking like a kid can provide adult's inspiration.

Yes We Can