creativity is a bitch (session)


 the bitch barassa grenach wine label was much like the seminar I attended


Last week I attended a morning seminar titled "New Creativity for Challenging Times" in which a variety of agencies (one from media, one from advertising and one from 'viral') made 'creative' pitches to a series of brand managers...I thought this could be cool...There may be some insights into 'design thinking' or 'serious play.'

However, instead of a "bitchin' session" on creativity it became a bitch session on creative agencies...After the media agency presented there was a 30 minute bitch session on how brand managers didn't trust their media agency...After the ad agency presented it was another 30 minute diatribe on how ad agencies weren't able to directly drive profits via .... the viral agency (that gave a great presentation adopting some ideas from Jones Soda) got off easy since everyone was exhausted.

Given time to reflect, the discussion was quite amazing...Instead of creative discovery...we got a first hand view on why creativity and innovation is so difficult to attain. As one attendee stated, there were a lot of "Creative Enemies." The creative enemies included Confrontation, Judging, Intimidation, etc.

It was interesting to see a seminar that was suppose to be about driving creativity naturally transform itself into a lab experiment on why creativity is so hard to achieve in an organization.