if you're gonna go with a bow...it should be a BIG bow

the BIG bow is the NEW style My wife and I were able to see President Obama speak in Prague on Sunday...and by showing up right at 7am we were able to get a very lucky spot on the rail with no one in front of us...so we were within 5-10 meters (that's 15-30 feet) of Barack Obama when he gave his speech...the proverbial "rock star parking" for locations...Some very unique things occurred. 1. Rahm Emanuel came over to speak with us for five minutes before the speech....2. We shook President Obama's hand and 3. Michelle Obama came by us as well shook our hand and my wife started the following conversation: Kathleen (that's my wife): "I loved the Vogue cover" First Lady: "Thank you so much" Kathleen (and woman over my shoulder): "Love the bow too" First Lady: "It's a big bow" Leaddog/bulldogmi: "That's funny. All the women down here said the same thing." Michelle Obama: "If you're going to do a bow, I think it should be a BIG bow." Leaddog/bulldogmi: "I agree...I always do the same when I wear a bow" First Lady: Laugh And then she was off....In our 1 minute conversation, we were able to find out Michelle Obama's opinion on fashion and bows. So, now remember when bows are all the big fashion starting on Monday....take the First Lady's advice... If you're gonna go with a bow, go with a BIG bow.  More BIG Bow

President Obama comments of First Lady's BIG Bow

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