Transmedia Thoughts by Frenchie in Pink Collar

Inside the mind of a bulldog.

Look at me, I'm so cute with my pink collar nicely posing for the eponymous travel bloggers Uncornered Market, Yes, I know you think I'm looking at you because I want some of your delicious looking food, but I really have this quizzacal look slnce I'm trying to figure out what you'll do with this photo?

I know lots of people take a photo of me since bulldogs sell but is there any other reason?

Are you, Uncornered Market, just going to post this photo on your blog and share with bulldogmi? And yes, bulldogs know about blogs.

Will you do a video?

Will you do a blog entry?

Will you tweet? Will you post me on facebook?

Will you build an ARG that use me? Yes...again...bulldogs are smart and we've heard of ARGs.

Will you include me in your cookbook? Argh!

Are you going to build a story around me?

Can I be the central point for some form of Uncornered Market transmedia? Or will I just be used for social media? Is there any difference? If I'm shared then I'm shared. Is it that simple or do you have to build a larger story that can be built on different platforms to be transmedia.

Where does transmedia start and cross media end? Or are they one in the same? Does it all come down to a story? Aren't I building a story right now?

Oh, it is so complicated for a poor bulldog to understand...and this is why I have this look on my face.

Good luck Uncornered Market on using my photo for whatever reasons you can think of (this is my model release for you to use on a future TV show). I'll just keep on getting worked up about transmedia, cross media, social media and the like. These are my own transbrand issues.

Squirrel!!! (It's right next to me).

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