Transmedia Thoughts by Frenchie in Pink Collar

Inside the mind of a bulldog.

Look at me, I'm so cute with my pink collar nicely posing for the eponymous travel bloggers Uncornered Market, Yes, I know you think I'm looking at you because I want some of your delicious looking food, but I really have this quizzacal look slnce I'm trying to figure out what you'll do with this photo?

Hotel V loves bulldogs...

...but there not showing them off on their site.

I was in Amsterdam earlier in the week for the Next Web. The hotel headquarters for the event were the Hotel V. Imagine my delight and surprise when I was greeted by Hotel V's English Bulldog.

Bulldogs Sell!!!

Q: Why is there a bulldog in this adidas ad?

A: Because, bulldogs sell. Sure, the shoes are nice, but the bulldog makes the ad really sing.

We've completed our redesign...so, bulldogmi has a slightly new look and organization. Expect to see a bit more blogging.

Also, please send me any photos where bulldogs are used in marketing or advertising send to me and I'll post it here.