a 'social' presentation

Placed my first-ever presentation up on Slideshare. It's a presentation I've been doing here in Prague to help provide some basic insights on Social Marketing. In addition, it expands on the conversation bow and a new way to think about your promotion plan.

What does it all mean?

I've been on vacation so no postings for a bit. I'm seeing if the Sports Guy can be worked into the Conversation Bow. More on this later. For now, Frog Design has put together an excellent presentation re the move from "marketing to meaning." I especially like their views on the atomization of brand (somewhat like the conversation bow) and marketing hardware/software. Enjoy.

mrs. O zags

Through the Michelle Obama fashion and style site, Mrs O., I've learned about ZAG. ZAG is the 'brand invention' branch of bbh ad agency. bulldogmi sees it as an IP based branded content business that will take brands to market on their own rather than waiting or pitching to a client.

don't sacrafice pawns...

In chess, a player will often sacrifice his/her pawn to gain a superior position in a game.

tackling treadmill management

One hurdle to creativity in an organization is the thought of many managers that their staff is simply not working hard enough. It's not's effort...I like to call this treadmill matter how hard you work, you (and your company) stay in the same place...the video below demonstrates it well...