Feel like your marketing program is stuck in the dog house? Your programs/products are on a short leash? Not sure how to integrate new technologies into your marketing campaigns? Want to grow market share and revenues but not sure how? Bulldogmi can help.

Bulldogmi provides management consulting services in marketing, content development and branding from potato chips to computer chips.

We have two concentrations: Marketing Strategy and, what we call, Creative Collaboration.

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

For those businesses who don’t have an in-house marketing team, we’ll take on that role as an external consultant, helping to map your business goals back to an effective marketing strategy, demonstrating multiple pathways to reach your customer and setting measurement for results. We’ll get your marketing function and programs up & running.

Our process is unique to each client. As a good bulldog, we listen, we play, we create & we monitor. We’ll work with you to take down the path to an effective marketing strategy. Naturally, we have a large set of toys to play with including brand development, marketing communications, digital strategy, mobile communications, social media, branded entertainment, content development, new media, etc. As any good bulldog, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you get your product, service or brand uniquely noticed.  

We also work with a great set of partners so we can cost-effectively execute projects via traditional, non-traditional and new media techniques.

We’ve found this service is ideal for start up businesses, small companies or special projects within larger companies, who may not have the in-house marketing resources readily available to them.

Creative Collaboration & Marketing Innovation

At Bulldogmi, we think the full service in-house agency and consultancy will be a thing of the past. To better serve clients, we think agencies will work more on an ad-hoc basis bringing together teams on an as needed basis. Bulldogmi is set to participate with these 21st Century agencies to push boundaries and knock down pre-conceived notions. Therefore, we’re always on the lookout to partner & collaborate on:

*Marketing Innovation projects via new forms of storytelling, meaning strategy or two-way messaging systems
*New ways to integrate technology, pop-culture & marketing with the use of social media & mobile
*Unique ways to build iterative marketing platforms

Interested in a Dog Walk?

Sometimes you just need a check up or check in. Have you ever noticed how comfortable people are talking to their dog or other people during a walk? We apply this metaphor to provide a unique offering for new and current customers: our ‘dog walk’. We’ll spend the morning listening to your  issues and we’ll come back the next day with some ‘low hanging’ fruit solutions and marketing guidance.
The bulldogmi walk solution is crisp, clear and an inexpensive method to give you the edge your business needs. This service is particularly beneficial for companies looking to enter the Central European market.